Academic Programs

Academic Programs

GEO Academies schools utilize a variety of cutting-edge and proven methods to increase our students' academic success. We aim to prepare each child to not only graduate from high school, but also ready to enter into college and earn a degree. 

CORE KNowledge

The fundamental premise of Core Knowledge, a coherent and content specific foundation for learning, is that "knowledge builds on knowledge."

The Core Knowledge Sequence provides our schools with a detailed outline of the specific content and skills to be taught year-by-year, grade-by-grade, in an age appropriate sequence. This Sequence helps us prevent the many repetitions and gaps in instruction that may otherwise result from independently created teacher curriculum guides.

Our schools utilize Core Knowledge in grades K-8. The Sequence acts as guardrails for our curriculum, providing a coherently organized plan for the content and skills instruction, while remaining flexible enough not to exclude essential state standards or locally determined content and skills. The end results are a well-aligned curriculum that ensures our teachers have adequate time to not only teach the state-tested material, but also incorporate the background knowledge necessary for student to connect information across multiple disciplines.

It is important to note that music and art are essential elements of the Sequence, not add-ons. By infusing the arts within the daily curriculum students are exposed to a rich array of not only visual arts and music, but also other arts such as dance or drama. The Core Knowledge Sequence helps GEO ensure the development of the whole child.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a purposeful and fundamental design element of our instructional model to accelerate learning towards college and career readiness.

To us, blended learning represents an opportunity to develop schools that are better positioned to reach the right students with the right resources and interventions at the right time.

"Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at lease in part through the online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, path and/or pace." Innosight Institute

Are schools are fully implementing blended learning. This will allow teachers to help students to "catch up," "keep up," or "speed up."


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