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By: Sean Bourgeois

Pikes Peak Prep is excited to welcome our new second grade teacher Ms. Susan Angier!

Ms. Angier has worked in education for over twenty-two years and has been a licensed teacher for the past five years. Her experience ranges from reading specialist, literacy specialist, and traditional classroom teaching.

Our 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C. !

After months of fundraising, planning, and preparation, the 21st Century Charter School @ Gary 8th graders filed out of the Cafeteria and onto a waiting charter bus on the night of Easter Sunday. It was a 13-hour trip to Washington, D. C. but most slept through the night, propped up against windows by rolled-up sweatshirts or the pillows that some had the foresight to bring along, lulled by the purring diesel engine, insulated from the Midwestern storm that followed us through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

21C 8th grade Reflections on Washington D.C. Part Two


Compare and contrast the Holocaust Museum and 9/11!

I think it was the Holocaust was worse than 9/11, why. because more people died. It was really sad how convincing Hitler was!

21C 8th grade Reflections on Washington D.C. Part One

The 9/11 is brutal, but not as brutal as the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a tragic event, since the Holocaust killed over six million people.

How did you feel before/after going to the Holocaust Memorial Museum?

I know that the Holocaust is a day that Jews celebrate to remember the day that Nazis attacked and to also remember the things they have lost along the way.

At Pikes Peak Prep, all roads lead to college. This is proven with our concurrent enrollment agreement we have with Pikes Peak Community College. With help of our school counselor, Ms. Mondragon, several of our scholars have had the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school with one scholar graduating with an Associate’s degree.

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