Academics at Pikes Peak Prep

Academics at Pikes Peak Prep

Pikes Peak Prep High School Classes: 

English I
English II
English III
English IV
Algebra I
Algebra II
Earth Science
AP Environmental Science
World History
US History
World Geography
Physical Fitness and Conditioning
HS Band
HS Art
Teaching Assistants

Spanish I (e2020 program)
Spanish II (e2020 program)

Our High School Students have taken (AND PASSED) the following college classes at Pikes Peak Community College for FREE (books and tuition FREE)

ENG 121-English Comp I
ENG 122-English Comp II
ENG 221-Creative Writing
LIT 115-Intro to Literature
LIT 201-World Literature to 1600
LIT 221-British Literature
COM 115-Public Speaking
COM 125-Interpersonal Communication
MAT 112-Financial Math
MAT 120-Math for Liberal Arts
MAT 121-College Algebra
BIO 105-Science of Biology
AST 101-Intro to Astronomy I
GEY 111-Physical Geology
ANT 101-Cultural Anthropology
PHI 111-Intro to Philosophy
PSY 101-General Psychology I
PSY 102-General Psychology II
PSY 112-Psychology of Adjustment
HUM 121-Early Civilization
HUM 123-Modern World
HIS 101-Western Civilization
HIS 201-US History
SOC 101-Intro to Sociology
POS 125-American State/Local Government
ASL 121-American Sign Language I
ASL 122-American Sign Language II
FRE 111-French Language I
RUS 111-Russian Language I
CUA 100-Culinary Program
CUA 101-Food Safety & Sanitation
CSC 160-Computer Science
CSC 126-Game Design

At PPCC our students have also taken Vocational Classes as well: 

Automotive Service Technology
Multimedia Graphic Design
Radio and Television

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