School Uniforms and Dress Code

School Uniforms and Dress Code

School Uniforms

School Uniforms Parents can order school uniforms for students at this website.
Use the source code: QS5EMBM
*Students are required to wear the embroidered logo uniform, so please order appropriately.*

School Dress Code Policy

The purpose of the Pikes Peak Prep uniform code is to create a professional, safe, and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning.  The uniform code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day. Students are required to follow the uniform code Monday--Thursday, with a modified dress code on Friday, unless otherwise noted. 

Parent and Staff Responsibilities: 

Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their children arrive at school in the proper uniform.  Within the school, the uniform code will be enforced by the classroom teachers, other staff members, and Pikes Peak Prep administrators who will make final decisions regarding uniform issues.  Cheerful, consistent compliance with our dress code policy by all is expected. 

Dress Code Wear Guidance: 

Students are expected to be dressed neatly, be well groomed and give a general good appearance.  Approved dress code clothing needs to be of appropriate size/fit, with no holes and in good repair and must be worn as intended by the policy.  A student can be out of compliance for wearing non-approved items, or by wearing approved items in a manner that is sloppy, immodest, or otherwise inappropriate.

Monday--Thursday: Regular Dress Days: 

Shirts: A Pikes Peak Prep logo embroidered shirt (white or dark green).  All shirts must be buttoned all the way except for the top button.  Boys and girls must have shirts tucked in. 
Pants: Pants for both boys and girls must be tan or black.  They must be full length and cannot be a denim or stretch material.
Socks: Socks must be black or white solid.
Belts: Boys must wear a solid black belt with a plain buckle of gold, silver, or brass color.  Belts are optional for girls, but, if worn, must follow the same standard as for boys. 
Shoes: Shoes must be solid black or white.  All shoes must be closed-toed and have a closed heel.  (No sandals, crocks, "heelies," flip-flops, or slippers are permitted.)
P.E. Attire: Every student will need a pair of non-marking tennis shoes for P.E.  Students may also choose to dress in athletic wear for a P.E. class.  Shirts can be a plain solid-color, athletic t-shirt.  PPP eagle t-shirts are allowed (no sleeveless or tank-tops).  Athletic shorts may be worn.
Sweater/Sweatshirts: Sweaters and sweater vests may be worn as part of the uniform.  College logo or solid-color (no logo) sweatshirts may be worn as part of the regular uniform.  A uniform shirt must be underneath sweaters and sweatshirts.
Jackets/Outerwear: Students may wear their choice of outerwear to and from school and during recess or outside transitions, but outerwear will not be worn in the building.

Additional Dress Guidance: 
Hats: No hats may be worn at school. 
Jewelry/Piercings: All jewelry must be conservative, non-offensive, and not draw undue attention.  All piercings must be small and discreet.  Large dangling or large hoop-style earrings are not allowed for safety reasons. 
Tattoos: Visible tattoos not permitted for students in grades K-8.  On a case-by-case basis, a parent/guardian may request a waiver of the visible tattoo policy for a high school student if the tattoo is of special family, medical, or religious significance.

Friday: Spirit Day

School logoed shirts may be worn with blue colored jeans.
All other guidelines are in effect.
Regular uniform is an option for anyone on Fridays if spirit dress is not available.




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